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2,000 Calories a Day Can be Your Key to Preventing Diabetes

Experts predict that if current trends continue, over five million people will have diabetes in the next ten years. Diabetes can be a killer and is a major cause of significant heath problems such as kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, blindness, hard to heal wounds and amputations. The sad fact is that it is a preventable disease. The single biggest preventative factor is maintaining a healthy weight.

There is growing awareness of the need to identify and intervene early when a person’s weight begins to rise. Regular visits to one of SCH’s Family Medical Clinics can provide you with your current body weight mass index (BMI), monitor your blood sugar, and provide you with nutritional and exercise tips to help you return to a normal weight range. This is especially important for school-aged children. Teaching them better eating habits early on will help combat the risk of Type 2 diabetes, one of the most common forms of the disease. Instead of mindlessly eating or drinking sugary drinks and snacks throughout the day, experts encourage people to learn what 2,000 calories a day of healthy eating looks like. It means a breakfast of toast or non-sugary cereal; a sandwich and zero calorie drink like water at lunch; and a supper of a lean protein, vegetables and a small side of carbohydrates. Add in two snacks of fruit or yogurt a day, and you are on the way to reducing your risk of diabetes.

Schedule an appointment at one of our family medical clinics and let one of our friendly providers give you the power to take control of this highly preventable disease. Call 601.928.6700 or 601.795.9320.