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Did you know that in the United States alone, more than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year for illnesses associated with the flu? Less than half of adults get a flu vaccine each year. If you are on the fence about receiving the flu shot, here’s why you should.

The Flu is Serious Business

  • The flu is harmful to everyone. However, it can pose a higher risk for individuals that suffer from serious illnesses and complications like:
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes
  • Individuals who have cancer
  • Individuals who have HIV or AIDS
  • Individuals who suffer from heart disease
  • Individuals who have experienced a stroke
  • Adults who are ages 65 and above
  • Women who are pregnant


If any of the above-listed items apply to you, then you should highly consider receiving the flu shot this year.

It is Effective for Prevention
The flu vaccine helps to reduce an individual’s risk of having doctor visit-worthy, flu-related illnesses by 61 percent! The effectiveness of the vaccine could vary each year depending on factors like how closely it matches the strain that is affecting people.

Getting the Shot is Convenient
Nowadays, you can get a flu shot at pharmacies like Publix, Walgreens or CVS during their walk-in hours. This means you don’t have to call and schedule an appointment with your doctor. Instead, when you are headed out to get some groceries, go ahead and get your flu vaccine at the same time! You will leave with higher protection from the flu and other home items you needed.

Helps Protect those Around You
By getting the flu shot, it helps to protect your family and friends you are around. Especially if someone you know suffers from a condition that could make them more susceptible to serious illnesses and complications if they get the flu.

Makes it Milder
Even if you get the vaccine, you could still contract the flu. However, if you get the flu shot, it helps to make the illness milder and much more manageable than if you don’t get vaccinated.

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