Stone County Hospital

In the Community

  • Social Workers’ Conference

    Social Workers’ Conference January 28, 2016 David Burkhart, Chief Operating Officer, and Kalie Taylor, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, promoted the hospital and clinic services at the annual Social Workers’ Conference.

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  • March Calendar – Community Events and Holidays

    Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, National Nutrition Month, Save Your Vision Month. 13 Daylight Savings Time, 17 Saint Patrick’s Day, 19-20 Pine Hill Festival, Blaylock Park, 20 First Day of Spring, 27 Easter, 30 National Doctor’s Day

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  • National Emergency Service Day

    National Emergency Service Day In recognition of National Emergency Service Day, February 21, members of Wiggins Methodist Church donated a gift basket to Heather Hager, the emergency room, and ambulance staff thanking them for their service as part of National Emergency Services Appreciation Day.

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