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10 Tips for Healthy Feet

The rise in diabetic foot ulcers makes daily care essential for health and longevity. Practice these foot care tips for happy feet.

  1. Keep your blood sugar as close to normal as possible throughout the day. High blood sugar is the leading cause of foot ulcers.
  2. Inspect your feet daily. Use a mirror if needed or ask a family member for help.
  3. Seek attention for corns, calluses and ingrown toenails.
  4. Immediately report any break in skin or changes in shape, feeling or color.
  5. Always wear shoes and socks, even at home.
  6. Wash and dry feet daily in lukewarm water.
  7. Moisturize feet daily except between toes.
  8. Avoid temperature extremes. Use sunscreen in summer and warm socks in winter.
  9. Get annual foot check-ups with a podiatrist.
  10. Be active. Movement increases blood flow to your feet except if you have neuropathy. Then check with your podiatrist first.

Speak with your doctor about any problems you are having. Practice daily self-care, share your feelings and ask a family member for help if needed.

Always work with a multidisciplinary team because diabetes is a systemic disease. Studies show evidence-based multidisciplinary treatment reduces your risk of lower limb amputation by 50%. Receiving the best possible care, you can continue to enjoy what you care about most and lead a full, happy life.

If you need a referral, ask your primary care provider or endocrinologist.

Did you know?

You can help prevent a diabetic foot ulcer with a few simple steps.

  • Check your feet daily and wash with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Dry your feet well. Moisture retained between toes can cause skin breakdown.
  • Keep your feet from drying and cracking with regular applications of foot cream.
  • Avoid tight-fitting socks and shoes. Consider a pair of athletic-style or custom-fitted shoes that don’t have a pointy toe.

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