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Why Diabetes Increases Your Risk of Non-Healing Wounds

Diabetes mellitus is a systemic disease. Normally, glucose enters your cells to fuel your body and brain. But when you have diabetes, most or all glucose cannot enter your cells. Instead, it circulates through your bloodstream where it damages nerves, blood vessels and your immune system. Learn how this affects your body and your health.

Neuropathy or nerve damage
If you have had diabetes for eight years or more, you likely have nerve damage that reduces or eliminates feeling, especially in your feet. Often the loss of sensation is gradual. You don’t realize it’s occurring or the full extent of the loss, so you’re unaware of injury. Diabetic neuropathy causes foot deformities and ulcers (wounds), increasing your risk of lower limb amputation.

Vascular Disease or narrowed blood vessels
Many of the complications of diabetes are related to the vascular system, like heart attacks, strokes and poor circulation to the lower legs and/or feet.  The vessels in your legs can become narrowed, leading to a two-fold problem: they can no longer supply nerves with optimal levels of oxygen and nutrients needed to transmit signals like pain; nor can they supply enough nutrients and oxygen to fight infection or heal wounds.

Damaged Immune System
High blood sugar reduces the effectiveness of white blood cells sent to heal an injury or illness. It also suppresses inflammation, which is critical for healing. Inflammation alerts your immune system to fight infection and repair injury.

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