Stone County Hospital


Dr. Nate Compton – General Surgery

Stone County Hospital is now offering weekly colonoscopy screenings.

Save your time and gas by scheduling your next screening with Dr. Nate Compton. He will be conducting these screenings every Tuesday starting at 7:30 a.m., at the hospital. Most insurance will cover colonoscopies. Check your specific carrier for exact coverage amounts. General guidelines for coverage include colonoscopies at the following intervals:

  • Beginning at age 50, every five to ten years if you have had no polyps on a previous screening, or earlier of you have a family history of colon cancer.
  • Every two years if polyps were found.
  • As needed for patients who may be experiencing symptoms or who have a family history of colon cancer.

To schedule your appointment, you can have your primary care physician order this test for you, or you can see Dr. Compton directly for a pre-screening appointment. Take this positive step to good health and call 601.450.2401.